our services

Whenever you call us we will be within half an hour at your office or other address and will exclusively be driving for you. In this way we can guarantee you that we will not be driving for other clients if there is no time for this.

When you wish an on board delivery, we can take care of the entire process including the logging on to the agent and terminal. We have been able to build up very good contacts with the port of Rotterdam, the relevant agents, but also with the control rooms and security of the terminals so that we are always well updated about arrival and departure of a ship, and if needed we will also take care of the customs formalities.

Whenever a ship is anchored to the buoy, we have possibilities to deliver or pick up smaller shipments alongside the ship by using a small boat. We use the location of the nearest boatmen as starting point on land to process to the ship.

Rijnmond couriers will not only drive, but we also fly for you! Have you got a small parcel up to the weight of 20 kg that needs fast, reliable and safe delivery to a ship or a contact person at the airport in Spain or any other country? Then we can offer you air transport as this is often faster and less expensive than by road transport. We can take care of the entire process including tickets, a direct view of the total costs, and the parcel will of course be guided by one of our couriers to make sure that your shipment will actually arrive safely at its destination.

We can, of course, also offer standard courier services. As an example, Rijnmond couriers works for printing offices and this means that whenever you urgently need printed matters or other material that needs to be picked up or delivered, you will be in good hands at our office.

So if you need directly deliverance or picking up, we will be pleased to take care of your emergency shipment in an accurate, reliable and safe way, just as you wish – either in the Netherlands or any other country.

All our transport takes place under AVC-CMR conditions according to the latest version



Our fleet consists of well maintained vehicles perfect for small shipments. They are all equipped with modern navigation systems, e-mail and internet.

In addition to this, our drivers are always reachable by telephone and also by e-mail through the KPN network.

This allows us to always guarantee you  a good service at a competitive price!